Jim Sims DipLe MRICS | Partner Culverwell

I have worked with The Adil Group for close on five years covering all aspects of their property portfolio including:  professional, site acquisition and investment purchases.

 We work well as a team, instructions are issued quickly and once a deal is identified then their commitment is total.  Equally if a deal or a property introduced is not for them, they will inform immediately and move on.  In my experience they do not pull out of deals, in fact one investment (a £3.4m) deal I was acting on was tortuous. I know other clients who would have walked away, however The Adil Group stuck with it and completed.

 Over the years a sound relationship founded on trust has been built up with The Adil Group.  They are excellent to deal with, fees are paid promptly and where problems arise (and they always do when dealing with property matters) they are discussed and resolved amicably. Sounds “Adil”