Property investment & development

We add value to property by applying The Adil lens...

The Adil Group history has evolved through ownership of property assets since 1969. Our portfolio includes residential, commercial and Leisure /Retail parks throughout the UK. The substantial portfolio is growing year by year.

We acquire properties and land where we can unlock value by planning gain, alternatively, we also acquire solid commercial investments that lend themselves well to long term rental increase and capital appreciation. We are always on the lookout to buy fundamentally strong real estate investment and development opportunities throughout the UK. Targeting both direct assets and distressed debt purchases. We look for underlying assets that require a focused business strategy to unlock potential and deliver exceptional returns.

We are happy to retain Agents and being cash purchasers, can often move quickly to complete transactions that are genuine off-market deals. We have never failed to complete on our commitment once a deal is done. Our word remains our bond.

Please see the Testimonials from people we have completed transactions with.