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Our Chairman Mohammed Adil awarded an OBE

Prince William awarding Mohammed  Adil his OBE at the Honours ceremony in Buckingham Palace on 30th December 2017. 


The Adil Group Opens First ever Taco Bell in Scotland

The Adil Group’s first Taco Bell store is part of an expansion plan which has seen CEO Raja Adil embark upon a diversification strategy solidifying The Adil Group as leading franchisees for KFC, Burger King, Costa Coffee and now also, Taco Bell.

On the opening of the Glasgow store Raja stated: “We are incredibly excited to open the first Taco Bell in Scotland and are dedicated to helping foster the community. We have big plans for expansion all across the country, hoping to increase the number of Taco Bell stores in Scotland to double-digit figures over the next five years”.

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Adil Group purchases Gallagher Leisure Park in Scunthorpe

The Adil Group of companies are continuing to grow their company throughout England and Scotland and have managed to secure a 2.64 acre development plot. The properties currently include tenants such as Travelodge, KFC, Pizza Hut, Frankie & Benny’s and McDonalds.

‘We were extremely grateful to have been shown this offer and it presented as a great deal with good quality tenants. The Adil Group are excited to continue acquiring further Leisure and Retail Parks throughout the course of this year and continuing to add to The Adil Group portfolio.’

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Adil Group Opens a New Costa Coffee Franchise in Motherwell Shopping Centre

The Adil Group of are continuing to grow their company in Scotland and love the warm welcome we always receive with new store openings.

Costa Motherwell marked the 1st Costa opening within our company for The Adil Group and was a great choice of location.

Costa Coffee prides itself on offering great coffee, food and drinks in a comfortable environment and it’s a great place for people to come together.

Business continues to grow in Scotland and we are always on the lookout for new destinations.

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Adil Group Opens a New BK in Grantham

The Adil Group of companies have just opened a new Burger King in Grantham, shortly following on from opening a Costa coffee.

The Adil Group are leading Franchisees for KFC, Burger King and Costa coffee as well as other Brands so were extremely pleased when they were able to open their recent Burger King to add to the area.

The Adil Group chose this location as these are brands that everyone loves and is convenient to all. The company created over 250 new jobs last year and wish to continue this whilst growing their business.

They are excited to see how business continues in the Grantham area and are always on the lookout for new sites.

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